Victoria is not a perfect replica of the original Magalhães caraway of the 16th century. Not even a super modern high-tech yacht of the present. It is a solidly built wooden naval sailboat that has proven its voyage and resilience many times over every mile of the sailing around the world. And there were 49 122 !!! Victoria will sail again. The purpose of ships is to sail. Where? It is not important. What matters is who’s going with it. Maybe it’s you who can still jump aboard or stop at a busy harbor in the world. Or just read this book.

(From the book of Ivan Orel „Fools on a journey around the world“)

In the 16th century, the ships were not built too much according to technical documentation, but especially according to the feel and experience of the old shipbuilders, so the exact design of Victoria is not known.

Please get acquainted – original data on the first cruise around the world:

length ­ 22,5 m
width ­ 5 m
draft ­ 3,2 m
weight ­ 60 tons
sails area ­ 166 m2
cubicles ­ 12
average speed ­ 3,75 knots