A membership in the International club Friends of Victoria Golden Hind qualify members to be personaly informed about everything that is happening around the ship and will have priority claim to participate on all events organized on the board of Victoria, including all journeys, that will happen after the restoration.

Members of the Club will receive a Membership Card. All available information will be published here on the web, including the list of all Club members. There is a transparent account, involving all payments and showing that all the money goes to the restoration of Victoria Golden Hind.

Basic membership is one-time 11 EUR or 300 CZK. Anything else is just optional.

If you want to join the club, write me to and I will provide you detailed more information.

Members obligations:

  • Pay the membership fee

Right of members:

  • To live on the board of Victoria Golden Hind, if they work for at least on average 2 hours a day. If the member is not willing or can not work, will pay 10 EUR fee a night. Money will be used for the restoration. Currently, the length of stay is not limited.
  • To borrow a car for the fee 20 EUR per day, plus 1 EUR per every 10km. Full tank – full tank policy. If your membership contribution is over 35 EUR, or 1000 CZK, the fee per day is lowered to only 15 EUR.
  • To be informed how the money was used, how the work continues and about all the events that will be held on the ship. A member has a priority right to participare over non-members.