About Victoria

From 2016, the boat gradually moves to the hands of co-owners, headed by Pepa Boháč.

Vincent Morera Martinez – new French owner since 2012

Historical data from Rudolf Krautschneider’s book, “What Waves Brought and Wind took”:

Janusz Kirszak – Polish architect from Kolobreh and yacht captain

1969 – Janusz Kirszak began gathering people around to build a wooden two-track sailboat according to the old plans of an American smuggler. He wanted to sail around the world as the famous Fernao Magalhaes
1970 – Janusz Kirszak finished hangar long 30m with his friends at Kolobreh
1971 – Beginning of shipbuilding. Out of the huge oak, the shipbuilder crafted the ship’s keel
1972 – 1980 – Construction of ribs connected by decks. Beginning of laying larch
1980 – Janusz Kirszak was imprisoned as a rebel at a time of extraordinary (military) status in Poland.
The ship’s construction stopped.
1982 – Janusz Kirszak dies on his way to a club yacht in Rostock

Rudolf Krautschneider – Czech seafarer, ship builder and writer

1986 – Rudolf Krautschneider rocking the spruce in Bohemia, which is still the main mast in Victoria

1996 – Rudolf Krautschneider buys an unfinished ship from Janusz Kirszak, which hasn’t been built since 1980. Tens of people, enthusiasts from Bohemia, Poland and other countries, are starting to work on the ship.

1997 – Temporarily clad Victoria is dragged from Kolobreh by sea to Swinoujscie, further to Szczecin, after through the Odra and canals to Germany and finally to the Elbe to Bohemia, to the city of Ústí nad Labem. There is a crane on the shore underneath the Větruší. A hangar is built around Victoria, where ship builders found their second home. The temporary shell is replaced by a new one and intense work on the ship began

1998 – Victoria, still without masts, is loaded onto a cargo ship and transported to Hamburg. According to the ideas of Rudolf Krautschneider, the ribbon was reworked as a three-horse carak. In the tow behind Polarka, she was dragged to Szczecin, to Leonida Teliga’s shipyard to finish.

26 September 1998 – Victoria is baptized on the Odra River in Szczecin. He then begins to prepare for a trip around the world.

17. 8. 1999 – Victoria sail from Helgoland. First it sails to Martinique and then to Florida only using sails. The engine is installed in Florida. Through Cuba, Bermuda and the Azores, it sails back to Europe and embarks on a journey around the world, roughly copying the Fernao Magalhaes route.

August 21, 2004 – Victoria finishes a cruise around the world in Swinoujscie. Only three members completed the original crew: Captain Jindrich Kucheid, Ivan Orel and Michal Nešvara

Summer 2006 – Victoria, after repair, leaves from Poland to the north. The rear mast was disassembled before sailing. It sails around the coasts of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It continues to the north, but due to the approaching winter it has to return to Sweden, where it remains for a whole year. In Sweden and Norway, shorter voyages take place.

June 2009 – After further repairs and preparations, Victoria has been traveling around Europe and from Portugal on a trip to South America to continue on the Francis Drake route across the Drake Strait to Antarctica. Victoria receives the second name of Golden Hind, according to Drake’s ship. Victoria crossed the Atlantic Ocean, but due to the health problems of the crew, it must change direction to Martinique. Victoria travels on the front mast. After repairs, it has only one mast and heads back to Europe and then Martinique. The project is prematurely terminated due to the lack of finances, but mainly because of the lack of people who want to finish it.

March 2012 – It’s decided. Victoria, after returning from Dominica to Martinique is bought by the young Frenchman Vincent M. Martinez, because he did not find any serious candidate from Bohemia or from Poland who would be willing to assume full responsibility for Victoria. It was not money, the price was symbolic, it was the courage that was not found in anyone!