Join us!

There are almost 50 of us in the international club. Yet, there is never enough skilled craftsmen.

Without the enthusiasm of a number of people, the support of club members and experienced craftsmen, it would be the end of Victoria. The ship necessarily needs a thorough reconstruction and if you would like to join us, contact us. We will be glad for every helping hand.

Pepa Boháč, sailor with all his heart.

“I ended up working for the money in 2010 and fundamentally changed my life. I’m doing just what I enjoy and what brings me peace and quiet. I create and realize interesting projects related to the sea. For example, we want to cross the Atlantic Ocean across the Atlantic Ocean, see – I think I’m a collective type, I love the sea and I like lighted, honest and decisive people. “

Maribel Sánchez Puerto, daughter of the sea and mother nature.

“After 25 years of teaching mathematics and physics at high school, I started a whole new life in 2012. I have completely dropped the sea, sailing through the sea and all the activities that allow me to be in contact with nature. I have decided to take part in sea-going projects. I am a woman of decisive, profound and lasting emotions, a conqueror of the sea, nature and dear friends. “