Week 4. 3. – 10. 3. 2019

Jaroslav Badinka

Ondřej Beňuš
Jana Krnáčová
Karel Jelínek
Marcela Rešlová

This week, we had a very pleasant visit. Marcela Rešlová. She is a beautiful young woman sailing with the Chronos ship. She stayed with us only for two nights, but where she could she put her hand to the work.

With Jane, we are working on the front deck. However, not all of the filling material used to fill the gaps worked correctly (it was stored here for a couple of years, but the maximum storage time is set to 8months ) and the water was leaking. My big mistake, that we have used this old material and then we had a lot of work to remove it. I would love to thank Jane for an amazing amount of work she had done. She was grinding the floor so intensively, that I could not charge batteries fast enough for her to work.

Right front deck with new planks

We have also worked on repairings of ship attachment (ropes and chains). Last week we have fixed anchor pulley holder, so this task was just a natural continuation.

I did remove and did grind a part of the head of the ship. It was rotten and shortened before, so it needs to be extended… But in the upcoming weeks, I will not have enough time to continue, so we will see when I will manage to fix it.

The head part that needs to be extended

I just have a little trouble with the handrail. I did use epoxy according to the working process and it was beautiful. Golden wood, excellent. Epoxy is not a good surface material, but it conserves wood. However, after a couple of days, there was light rain in the night and the color got transformed. From this wonderful-looking wood became a grayish yellow thing. It is not visible well, on the photo, but the original color is visible only near the gap between planks.

Grayish handrail after light rain.

It got gray on each place where the drop dropped. So every single drop is visible. It is caused by insufficient polymerization. But the fix should be rather simple.

And we ran out of Sikaflex and other filling material. It was a quite productive week since Charlie and Marcela filled the almost whole left side of the saloon with sikaflex. Inside and outside. Great job.

Charlie got bored during one lunch break. So he started to fix outboard engine 5hp. A couple of days later, a few spare parts and a lot of love, and it got started. He happily goes around the ship in circles for… well, not hours, but for a long time. It is still in the testing stage, but it looks like it will as good as new, even though it is not a youngling. He also cleaned some of the ship, so we have more space now.