Week 25. 2. – 3. 3. 2019

Jaroslav Badinka

Ondřej Beňuš
Jana Krnáčová
Karel Jelínek

There is always something happening on the board. But only people here know about it. Only people on the board get the chance to experience it. And as a new man on the board, I have decided to change it.

So what happened this week?

Jaro, Janka and Charlie sucesfuly arrived. We are four people on the board now and the work is going great.

There are more tasks in the process of making, but I will mention here only those, that we have finished. We have changed anchor pulley holder. The original one was rusted and would not last for a long time.

The new anchor pulley holder.

Finally, now the Victoria stand still. There is still one more task, to change three screws for their inox versions.

At the same time, the front deck floor is in the process of making. I work on it together with Jana. The right side of the front deck is almost complete, but then, there is also a left side.

Another thing is the electronic thermostat. On the first sight a small thing, but it has many important effects. The most important one is, that our beer is not frozen anymore, just perfectly cold. Also, consumption of the electric energy declined and it is now possible to leave the freezer on the whole night and it is not necessary to turn it off (because of the limited capacity of batteries). I tried to stylize the control panel to fit here on the Victoria. But I am a mere technician and the art of esthetics is beyond my comprehension.

The electronic thermostat

Also, during the days there is enough electric juice to charge tool batteries and if there is some extra sunlight, we can use smaller electric tools directly from the outlet. Game changer. I am playing with an idea to buy a few more solar panels to increase the amount of energy we can make and then there would be very comfortable to work with the tools. Until now, we had to turn a gasoline power generator on every time we wanted to charge tool batteries.