Week 11. 3. – 17. 3. 2019

Jaroslav Badinka

Ondřej Beňuš
Jana Krnáčová
Karel Jelínek

We have started to watch, how often does the automatic system run bilge pumps. On Monday it dropped to every 2h. That means 12times a day. It is quite a lot. We decided to solve the situation, but unfortunately, after the departure of an old friend Jedlička and with the upcomming departure of Small Joseph, we have no diving equipment left (except three diving jackets, that are not usable, see below).

All of the jackets got thrown into the trash. And we started to look for equipment. Small Joseph exchanged with us some diving equipment for a canyster of oil. We suddenly got jacket, tank and he lent us an automatic for two weeks. So we have everything we need. Captain is a good diver and he gave me crush course on diving. in less than a half hour I was ready. That day we have repaired 3 big holes. There is one more, at the back of the ship, but it is under a fuel tank, so it will have to wait. And yesterday another popped up. What can I tell? It is Sysiphean labor. Or at least never ending story.

The whole week was all about holes in the hull. And when doing the first one, Jane has discovered a new pet. Wood-eating worm.

However, when Epicol was not mixed, the wedges were not made nor they didn’t guard me to drown, a lot of tiny things happened. Whether it was a new harness for boats, or, for example, the last wheel on an oven. We also tied a few ropes, simplified the wiring of solar panels, repaired some wires and the like.

I hope I didn’t forget anything.